What is Homeopathy? Why Choose Homeopathy?

What will your Homeopath need to know? What are Homeopathic remedies?

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What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a natural and safe system of medicine that works by stimulating your body’s own healing process. It recognises that all symptoms of illness are simply the body’s way of showing that it is out of balance and that it is doing its best to heal itself. By analysing the patterns and tendencies of these symptoms, the homeopath can choose a remedy which matches your individual nature and which will give your vital energy the boost it needs to restore harmony.

What will your homeopath need to know?

Homeopathy is about treatment of the individual as a unique person, on mental, emotional and physical levels. Your homeopath has to get to know you well in order to prescribe for you. So as well as telling her about your current symptoms, she will ask you about your medical history, your personality and lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, and she will invite you to tell your life story. Many people find the opportunity to “tell their story” a healing process in itself.
The first consultation takes about two hours, then a follow up visit is normally arranged for about a month later, in order to evaluate any reactions, and to confirm that the correct remedy was given.

What are homeopathic remedies?

Homeopathic remedies are made from all the kingdoms of nature - plant, mineral and animal. Wherever possible, animal-derived remedies are collected without harming the animal. By a process of repeated succusion (shaking) and dilution, the energetic properties of the substance are released, so that they can act on the energy of the patient. Somewhere in the world there is a substance which resonates with your own inner energy and which will bring healing to you
Homeopathic medicines have all been tested thoroughly on humans (not on animals). They do not have side effects, are not addictive, and can be used in combination with medicines from your doctor.
The remedies come as small tablets or in liquid form.

What will happen when I take the remedy?

After taking the remedy, many people feel an increase in vitality, feel “better in themselves” even before their other symptoms start to improve.
Homeopathy does not just relieve symptoms but works to restore health at a core level, giving long-lasting alleviation or cure of persistent or recuring conditions.
How long treatment takes depends on what sort of illness you have. A complaint which you have had for many years may take some time to clear, although there will probably be some improvement quite quickly. People often find that the process of treatment leads to other positive changes in their lives. We have to encourage our patients to “be patient!”

Why choose homeopathy?

Homeopathy can treat all kinds of people. It is particularly effective for children, and safe for pregnant or breast-feeding mothers.
Homeopathy can help with, or cure, all kinds of illnesses including:

Asthma, Eczema, Hayfever, Digestive problems
Arthritis and joint problems, Migraines, Depression and mood swings,
Anxiety,Tiredness, low energy, Infertility, Pre-menstrual tension,
Period problems, Menopause and many other things.

It is not necessary to have a physical complaint, sometimes it is just a sense of not feeling “quite right.”
Homeopathy can be very quick and effective for acute complaints such as coughs, earache, muscle sprains and strains, and many more.
Many people come to homeopathy having found that conventional medicine is not helping them as much as they would like, while some choose homeopathy as their first port of call.


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